I’ve been working with WordPress for many years, and have spent countless hours customizing themes and trying out new plugins and frameworks. I’ve put this site together as a WordPress resource for any level.

In this blog, I review and talk about WordPress themes, plugins and more. Sifting through plugins and themes is oftentimes like reviewing a stack of résumés – at some point everything looks the same and you start to gloss over the details. As I document my search process, I hope to provide a little more information on available options to help you find what you need faster.

Probably like you, I spend loads of time researching themes for my different projects. It gets annoying seeing the same “best of…” or “free themes…” type of recommendation articles over and over again that don’t really explain much. Here I strive to provide reviews of themes and page builders that go deeper and are more honest. One word of advice: free themes are only good if you want a totally basic blog site. So if you need more substantial features, skip the free themes. You’ll waste more time trying to make it fit and eventually you will have to buy a theme and redo it anyway.

I also discuss obstacles I encounter, and how to solve them – hoping to save others time in figuring out the same stuff.

Beyond technical WordPress topics, I provide information and tips that help to promote WordPress sites.

At times my links may point to affiliate sites, but I only provide links to products or services that I use or would use for my clients or myself. This helps offset the cost and time of providing this website resource.

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